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Yashar Azar Emdadian And Taimaz Moslemian

Opening at Aaran Projects on 9th August 2019
On view until 26th August

For those who are pushed to margins
are ignored and abolished from mainstream

Artists in this exhibition, in concordance with their people and with reticence, have created works that surpass conventions and are meant to capture space and create tremor. Thereby forming new spectrums for viewing and engaging with art and art works.
The path that they are creating is carved through objection, defiance, political activism and history. A maze like track that avoids useless dialogues and adopts symbols, -as a representation of social cues- to converge form and structure.
These three works invite us to observe the essence of art. A fresh look at art work, at ourselves, and our society today. The three pieces shape one unit. Semblances of same soul. The three are faces of one entity that has been made visible through art.
Farzad Azimbeik

About Artists

Yashar Azar Emdadian is a multidisciplinary artist who has moved to Iran from his birth country of France. His works constantly refer to his experiences in France and his attachment to his motherland. He concentrates on social issues and uses various mediums to express his concerns and approach.

Taimaz Moslemian is an interdisciplinary artist who explores social and ethnographic phenomena concerning historiography in its current state of conflict within our post-cultural existences. His works have been exhibited locally and internationally in England, Iran, Italy, and Serbia. He lives in Canada.