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Outside of Time

Solo Exhibition of Mahya Giv

Opening of the Exhibition on 20th May 2022
On view until 3rd June 2022

In these otherworldly landscapes, the horizon merges with magical fauna and flora. Because of their large scale, the viewer is invited to submerge in the dreamy world of Mahya Giv. In her eternal slices of time, one can break away and experience a different place and timelessness, protected from the ravages of humanity.
Her painterly act is expressive yet well thought out and balanced, showcasing a communion with the subject matter. The horizon and the promise of light at the far end of canvases are enthralling and allow the viewer to move away from the harsh realities of everyday life in a megapolis like Tehran. Her brush strokes jostle and smother one another and accumulate and climb on top of each other, creating a final drama that is mesmerizing and wistful, an illusion to carry us into the unspoiled and the eternal. At the same time, there is yearning and lamentation for what we cannot have. But in these parcels of Heaven, one can dream and breathe.