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One Word. One Word

Solo Exhibition of Amir Hossein Shahnazi

Opening on 19th May 2023
On View until 2nd June 2023

Ideas, theories, and various discourses are explained, dissected, and documented through texts/written words. In terms of structure, each text is made up of sentences, which are separated by dots.
As dots indicate the end of a sentence or text, they can also be a precursor to the beginning of another sentence or text, depending on that idea or theory; new ideas and theories, which are influenced by previous notions, are formed through complex and intertwined processes and make up the structure of what is to come.

Texts used for these works:


  • One Word, Essay written by Yousef Khan Mostashar al-Dowleh, 1868
  • The critic of the essay Mirza Fath-Ali Akhundzadeh
  • The Iranian Constitution of 1906
  • Draft of Constitution of I.R.I, 1979
  • Constitution of I.R.I, after reconsideration 1989

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