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Natural Selection

Solo exhibition of Mahboube Hosseini Mosa

Opening on 16th October 2020
On view until 2nd November 2020

In Natural Selection, the environment is the driving energy for species to evolve through time. Natural Selection is the cause of both minor changes as well as more drastic deviations. In Natural Selection, the accumulation of small changes can shape new synthesis and create new species.
For Mahboubeh Hosseini Mosa, Natural Selection is a subjective process that begins with deliberation and collection of plants and flowers and categorizing and drawing on paper. The form of seeds and structure of leaves relay data and shape emotions in the artist’s mind, and only the imagery that is different remains in her mind. In fact, the environment and the artist’s intellect are the driving force for the image and emotions to remain with her. In compatibility with the artist’s mind and emotions, forms and lines become a part of her. The point of origin, or the primary seed, is triggered with the act of viewing. The artist’s enthusiasm and point of view lead to growth completed through time, eventually embodying her dreams and imagination.
Ultimately in an abstract and geometrical approach, the positive and negative spaces, rhythmically and released from the confines of enclosed spaces, shape a vague and poetic conversation that is rooted at the beginning of everything and offers a reading of the artist’s mind; a display of desires, dreams, and ambitions of artist that are entwined with the taste of soil and artists’ soul. Given time, in this accumulation of data and imagination, a new species can take shape, a mixture that, over the length of time, turns the image of a plant into an artwork.

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