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Immediate and Remote

HerMaP Art Projects Exhibition in Tehran

Exhibition Curator: Amirali Ghasemi and New Media Society
Opening on 17 December 2021
Closing on 31 December 2021

Immediate and Remote features:
Mottle by Abel Korinsky & Orhan Kavrakoglu, u-form by Alice Pedroletti & Andrea Familari, Dustgift by Aron Rossman-Kiss, Ruderal Acts; Gardening beyond the Wall by Arya Arabshahi & Love Di Marco, Intangible Heritage by Ehsan Hemat, TEHRAN OF TREES* by Goda Palekaite & Sina Seifee, Stories of Displacements by Saba Ghorbanalinejad & Timothée Gauvin.
* Naghmeh Manavi will perform TEHRAN OF TREES at 6 pm on Fridays during the exhibition days (Dec 17, 24 & 31)

Exhibition design: 1001 Architecture

Exhibition Collaborators: Rojia Forouhar, Mohammad Pourhassani, Sohrab Motabar, Soheil Soheili, Azadeh Behkish Rana Salehi, Naghmeh Manavi & Bahar Ahmadifard

Special Thanks to
Nazila Noebashari, Volker Redder, Farnaz Ghorbani, Nahal Fatehan, Shirin Mellatgohar, Hooyar Asadian, Golnaz Habibi, Jina Pezeshki, Sara Hosseini, Saba Arabshahi, Aaran Gallery team & Amirhossein Khorshidfar

Immediate and Remote is a multimedia exhibition by 12 artists developing their projects around the Industrial Heritage and Living Archive in HerMap Art Residency.
The pandemic affected the project and transformed it into an online residency. The inevitable change made the role of collaborators and facilitators more critical in advancing the project. Hence, various teams joined the program as project collaborators. They provided the artists with the essential knowledge and first-hand experiences they couldn’t access any longer. The results of these endeavors and extensive networked efforts are presented through seven multifaceted art projects, interactive pieces, archival installations, and film.
The threads of environmental concerns, future, history, literature & poetry, oral narrative, audio-visual landscapes, and the relation between space and objects each will unearth new connections as they provoke actions, narratives, and imagined archives speculating for alternative answers. On another level, the exhibition also redefines intercultural relations by de-familiarizing “the immediate” and “the remote” and expanding them in various directions. Due to the COVID-19 situation in Iran and Europe, the ‘remote collaborations’ substituted the ‘immediate presence of the artists in residence’ to better grasp their projects’ objects.
In May 2021, the launch of the digital exhibition of the program sided with a brief presentation of HerMaP art projects and a two-day webinar hosted by the Centre for Fine Arts Brussels – BOZAR (Belgium).
“Immediate and Remote” hopes to offer alternative tools to see, learn, and debate industrial heritage and living archives, along with the book and the digital platform of the project: