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I Will Find the Right Words, and They Will Be Simple

Solo Exhibition of Shaqayeq Ahmadian

Opening at Aaran Projects on August 30th, 2019
On view until September 23rd, 2019

The joy of living is the cornerstone of every single work of Shagayeq Ahmadian. Her flamboyant, sparkling, and animated figures are part of her existence, a passion she readily shares and distributes.
Her practice is a fundamental interplay between objects, figures, media, and two and three dimensions, stitching together a subjective account of her lived experience, of the life of a young female artist in her homeland that, despite all limitations, manages to attract us and hold our attention. Her narrative structures feature the unpleasant and grotesque, where everyone is saved by their love for cuddly animals and life itself. This is an abstract dreamscape.
Three-dimensional pieces seem to have been extracted from her paintings to accentuate her story. Light bulbs, birthday cakes, and loveable animals are all her grimaces at life’s difficulties. Grinning at the world and its complexities, this young artist refuses to adhere to the norms of society and crafts her own path. Creating a festive atmosphere that instantly transfers the joy of living to others and covers up deep wounds.
Her honest approach to life and her art is pure and striking, an attitude that is enchanting and exhilarating in the present state of things. It is simply joyful to exist within her realm and to be a witness to her growth and her joie de vivre.