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Heroes, The Gallants, The Famous

Solo exhibition of Nogol Mazloumi

Opening on 3rd May 2019
On view until 7th June 2019

Physicality and excess are at the heart of the new series of works by Nogol Mazloumi. In this set of works- which incidentally resembles the age old tradition of figure drawing, in the sense that various shapes and postures of same figure are studied- artist directs her probing gaze at the society’s fascination with body. Bodies that are dramatically altered to create modern day: heroes, gallants, and celebrities, specifically for immediate use in mass media and social networks.
For exhibition artist writes: In recent years I have developed a liking for comic books, and that brought about my interest in the body of heroes and super heroes. The muscled body which appears to be perfect seems to be the requirement for heroism. This was the point of departure for these works: super bright colors and perfect figures against deformed bodies and black and white background of my works. Gradually these heroes came to oppose groups of people who in order to achieve the same aesthetics, change their body to the extent that they leave the normal shape. In this set of works my focus is about this mentality; in order to attain the body of heroes that Media presents as perfect and beautiful, they actually mutilate and deform their figures. I study these bodies that are obsessively manipulated to become a parody of the image of the body of a hero.