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From Shahnameh

Solo Exhibition of Nasim Davari

Opening on 29th April 2022
On view until 13th May 2022

In this series, I have tried to envision images of the Heroes of Shahnameh. And I have used their stories because stories shape their faces. And then, the faces narrate their story and maybe even the faith that was in store for them. And this is how these characters came to be.
Tahmores jailed the Divs and then gave them a quarter, and they taught him language and writing.
Zahhak was kissed by Devil on the shoulders, which became the nest of snakes and fed the youth’s brains. He also took Shahrnaz and Arnavaz from Jamshid and killed them.
Gordafaraid, who wore men’s armor and fought Sohrab.
Deev Sefid, who was black and had white hair and fought with Rostam.
Fereydon, nurtured by Bormayeh in his youth, took his cow-shaped mace to fight Zahhak and jailed him, where he remains till now.
Zaal was an albino, so Simorgh brought him up, and Rostam was his son.
Rostam was mighty and proud and had Rakhsh. Rakhsh was white and red and knew how to slaughter Dragons.
Sohrab was the son of Rostam, and his inheritance was his father’s pride and armband. He searched for his father and was killed by his hand.
Siyavash, who walked through fire and fire, turned cold to affirm his declaration of innocence on account of the false accusation of Soudabeh.
Esfandyar, who was Invulnerable and passed through seven Ordeals, fought with Rostam in a vain attempt to become the king.
Nasim Davari