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Flash Back

Curated by Mina Feshangchi

Opening at Aaran Projects, on 22nd June 2018

Mohamad Eskandari- Nasser Bakhshi- Asal Peyrovani- Nasim Davari- Faxteh Shamsian- Hadi Alijani- Meghdad Lorpour- Nogol Mazloumi- Roqayeh Najdi- Allahyar Najafi.

Memories both as an individual’s experience and as a collective one have a lasting effect on artists. ‎Memories are lived experiences of the artist with a direct impact on their psyche and soul. So it can be ‎said that what differentiates art from life is the immortality of art versus the transient quality of life.‎
In recent decades we have witnessed an increasing number of artists who drive inspiration from their ‎memories; bits and pieces of everyday life, and dreams and wishes. Censored memories, works of a ‎disclosing nature and picturing what artists have had to endure in their personal lives are more visible in ‎the art scene.‎
The essence of memories is closely linked with time. Henri Bergson argues that the true time, is the ‎time of our anguish and dejections, the time of regrets and impatience, and a time for our hopes and ‎thirst.‎
This exhibition attempts to display forgotten and remembered memories. A flash back, a retelling of a ‎story from past that has affected artists’ mind. Maybe a joyful memory of childhood, or an unfulfilled ‎love, or a flash back from a collective social memory which has been imprinted on the consciousness ‎of the artists.‎
Mina Feshangchi

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