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Opening on 2nd February 2024
On view until 23rd February 2024

A rarely seen body of work from the last 12 years by Farhad Ahrarnia, carefully selected for his first solo show in his homeland, is a testimony to the artist’s poetic and subtle engagement with his highly praised and loved birthplace. For her cultural significance, dynamism, and complexity, Shiraz has continuously provided a rich context for the artist. Where the legacy, strength, profundity, and beauty of classical literature, architecture, arts, and crafts comfortably merge and co-exist with the energy, aspirations, and challenges of the modern and the contemporary.

For Farhad Ahrarnia, this is a quest for negating and negotiating a comfortable balance between the spirit of the here and now and the legacy of a rich culture inherited and continuously sustained by various artists and artisans. The artist persistently attempts to find new visual recipes and metaphors for unfolding alternative expressions of modernities, which are quintessentially embedded and strongly rooted in the profoundness of Iranian classical arts, crafts, and philosophies.

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