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Solo exhibition of Koosha Moossavi

Opening on 1st December 2023
On view until 15th December 2023

It is a while since Homo erectus have walked upright and yet centuries of history and education and science, have as yet to teach Humanity to curb its desires and ambitions. As world is being warned about impending environmental catastrophe and amidst images of violence arriving from every corner of the world, it seems we as the people are unable to grasp the reality that there is really a Point of no return for the planet and indeed for us as humans.
Faced with brutal imagery and vicious treatment of each other, most times our reaction is one of Consternation and abject astonishment, to the point that many remove themselves from reality. Couple of decades of difficult if not harsh experiences in our own land, is at the core of this set of works. In this state of powerlessness, it is artists who by showing us our reality, and holding the mirror that reflects us, are able to remind us of our own dignity and morality. It is only by looking in to the mirror that we can end up on the other side where acceptance of status quo is no longer an option. Ultimately we must realize that we have the power to remedy our own powerlessness.
Nazila Noebashari

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