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Constant Creation

Solo Exhibition of Maryam Farshad

Opening on 8th April 2022
On view until 22nd April 2022

In the course of its development and throughout its lifetime, every phenomenon depicts the manifestation of a diversity of forms. The outcome of this process is expressed by a sequence of patterns and through repetition and self-emulation. This movement gives life to the structure of our world, and, at every glance, the creation moves from chaotic forms towards constructive order. There is a bond between nature and the extent to which we are aware of ourselves, a bond consistently evolving through perception. This transformation takes place in the context of countless interactions and interpretations. Throughout this process, the mind operates as a single unit, capable of adapting countless patterns and simultaneously creating different interpretations and possibilities with its inner revelations.
The external world is infinite, and a manifestation of this world moves forward indefinitely deep within us. Uniformity of observation provides an opportunity for these two worlds to become one. This interpretation might result from an ancient connection between us and what lies ahead; a small component acting as a mirror to put a grand existence on display. Looking deep within brings us face-to-face with our imagination. We begin a journey of discovery to the depths of everything, reaching their most fundamental particles. Having been mere observers just moments before, we are now the creators of what we see, binding what moves and its movement in one existence.
This collection looks to discover how forms created simultaneously through chaos and order are developed and diversified, thus bringing countless possibilities together. In exploring life, I have come across signs and gained visual experiences, some of which I explicitly display here, with another part being the result of what I have read, seen, and not seen through my experiences, all imaginatively interwoven together. Along this path, the experience of different situations and familiarity with the ideas of those that came before us provided me with proper conditions for favorable growth, opening the doors toward this common mentality. Through research on how natural structures and the geometry concealed in the depths of phenomena are formed, I was led to discover the patterns and inner secrets of this order in our minds. This journey within reflected the boundless world of connections that poetically expands. There is a collective movement in which all the pieces are so well-placed that the displacement of any single one does not disrupt the continuity of life as a whole, with the “whole” maintaining an independent existence from the sum of its parts.
Excerpts of Artist’s text for catalog