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America The Beautiful

Group show of video, installation and sculpture

Curated by Mahoor Toosi

Artists: Mohamed Eskandari, Saffaeddin Emami, Caraballo Farman, Behzad Hatefi, Ali Honarvar, Siamac Sariolghalam, Nastaran Safaei, Hamed Rashtian, Parvin Shokri, Sepideh Taraqi, and Mahoor Toosi

This is not an exhibition about America, rather it is about us, and what we yearn to realize, about what motivates us and what disappoints, it’s a reflection on us. America has long been discovered and continuously changes. In our search to understand it, each time we encounter new paradoxes, fashioned by our inner faculty: hyper-reality, the land of promises, a desert devoid of culture, the New World. These assumptions vary according to the place on Earth that we live in; As if the existence of America depends on its outer reflection. America is not limited to 77 longitude and 39 latitude, it is not simply a piece of land bordering the Tropic of Cancer and Arctic Circle. Depending on where you stand in the world your perception changes and in order to understand yourself and where you are, you are obliged to look at it. This synthesis happens in different ways and manners and this time we offer our own, from a distance of 11469 Km from the center.
Mahoor Toosi