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Solo exhibition of Mohamad Hamzeh

A collaboration with Assar Art Gallery
Opening on 30th November 2018
On view 25th December 2018

Mohamad Hamzeh is no stranger to experiment. His prolific career spans four decades of painting with various techniques and approaches, yet he has remained faithful to certain traits in his practice, mainly; gazing at the world from his Sanctum and deformation which is a result of tensile forces that he imposes on objects and scenes and particularly portraits.
In new set of works, by bending, twisting and compression he has created white on white portraits, portraits that defy the stress and strain of everyday life. Fractured portraits that appear to be constrained, existing within an infinite time and depicting human fragility but also its enduring strength. In these monochromic portraits the loud colors of self and passion are obliterated and a certain kind of purity and serenity invites the viewer to contemplate but also to remember that white does not exist in nature.
Within this isolation, Artist offers deliberation and consideration, as a solution to the barrage of assaults that we face in a mega city such as Tehran. In our descending conditions, artist offers minimum conditions. He defies the cracked world outside his Sanctum and is glad to paint the serenity that he finds within the walls. Bending and not breaking, is a very Persian tradition and to this end Mohamad Hamzeh is successful in creating a cocoon that is nourishing and beautiful. In these serene paintings once again the world makes sense and order is restored. In his words and marking his solitude: I live within my dream on the other side of the river.