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Action Potential

Solo exhibition of Salman Khoshro

Opening on 21st December 2018
On view until 14th January 2019

With dynamic brush strokes and palette knife, Salman Khoshro betrays his fascination with mystery of being, evolution and humanity in general. Outlines of well -formed are among the traits in his work. These powerful figures directly reference instincts and primal forces of human nature. As much as the strength of humans is at the heart of these paintings, its failures and short comings have been an ever present element in the psyche of artist.
In these forceful manifestation of male figures, the well recorded struggles of humanity are portrayed: man against man, against nature and itself. However in few of the paintings that depict men emerging from foliage or water, artist seems to be offering a reconciliation; man emerging from nature and standing for nature.
The expressive nature of this set of works dramatically record the act of painting itself, its intensity and speed. Heavy layers of paint convoy the internal struggle and the energy. His heavy handed brush strokes activates a certain kind of gravity but leaves the thick layers of paint looking almost fluid. Movement is of paramount importance and in the last pieces of the series, speed is manifested in lines and layers of paint that form almost abstract figures.
Tactility in these paintings, together with importance of gesture, are reminiscent of sketches and marble carvings of old masters and are part of the visual perception of the artist. The same aura of palpability was evident in his earlier forceful and realistic portrait and figure paintings. And is continued in recent sculptural pieces, which are formed using simple wires. Again artists’ desire to build up tension and to portray strength is evident. Particularly in the sculptural piece which is a head that is turning in different ways and is struggling to find balance and stability.
Artist is preoccupied with Science and Physiology, in particular Neurons, that convoy messages from one cell to the other, creating impulses and spikes. Hence the title of the exhibition and its inherent message of communication. In a world filled with frenetic rush of imagery, these faceless portraits are a glimpse in to the psychological struggle of all humans. Artists have the ability to make the viewers immerse in single powerful image, to take a moment in time and to observe and take in the emotions and struggles of others.
Nazila Noebashari