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Everything is Just Fine – Behrang Samadzadegan

Solo show by Behrang Samadzadegan

The images used in Media and advertisements are often edited to obscure reality and to cover up the surroundings and circumstances. As if the world around us is fitted in to a frame, where by we are supposed to believe that this is all that there is and “Everything is Just Fine”. By putting these images next to each other and using the mind frame of the producers, I have attempted to refer the viewer to observe “All” of the reality. Allowing the observer to judge and form their own interpretation away from the pre-conceived notions. The direct and indirect presence of women in these series is an example of how we can look at the reality. Women who have refused to sit in the back rooms and have pushed the boundaries of the society have appeared in all sorts of places and taken up tasks that have traditionally been the domain of the male population. They have insisted on truth and by persistence have changed the way media had ignored them and now in fact have turned the media focus on their activities. In a way I attempt to remedy the situation by demonstrating that the images we are fed are not reflections of reality, but are manipulations that finally fail to convince the viewer. In other words I have applied the same technique or recipe to question these practices and to draw attention to hidden codes and dialogues that are the underlying reason for this wide mis-representations of truth. I have tried to find a way out of these “virtual borders” and to insist on “All” of the reality.
Behrang Samadzadegan