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Evakdad, The God’s Gift

And after Ahriman (The Primordial Devil) fell insensible, AhuraMazda began the creation of the Cosmos. From the boundless time, he created the bounded time, and so began the creation of other cosmic phenomena. In one year, and in six sessions, the six archetypes of the six main phenomena of creation were completed, which are the Sky, the Water, the Earth, the Greens, the Creatures, and the Primordial Man…. The archetype of the useful quadruped beasts is the Evadad or Evakdad Cow (The Godiva – God’ gift) which was created on the right shores of the VahDeity (Beh Deity or the Good Deity) river, in the land of Iran. Evadad Cow is as white and bright as The Moon, whose height reaches three nays (feet) AhuraMazda created the Evadad Cow also to assist the Greens and the Water.