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Entre Chien Et Loup – Nazanin Pouyandeh

Solo show by Nazanin Pouyandeh

Nazanin Pouyandeh juxtaposes her memories and the outside world. The energy emanating from her paintings are transmissions of her cross cultural identity. In majority of the paintings, she creates a world of her own where the landscapes are glorious and often magical. Characters fill up the paintings in the predetermined pose as defined by the artist, each playing their own role, posed for eternity. The landscapes, trees and rocks are often hiding secrets and imagery thus inviting the viewer to excavate and find the deeper layers. The paintings are summons to explore a world that is illogical, and frozen in time. There is at the same time something familiar and foreign in her works. A familiarity and sincerity that is attractive and yet puzzling.The world seems to be a fusion to her, east meets west and they merge effortlessly. She is a unique painter and an explorer who seems to have listened and learned the history of the whole world, all of it’s stories and fables and is able to visually transfer them to her paintings. The power of her imagination is overwhelming so is the harmony of her colors. Perhaps it’s best not to try and explain her work, but to float in the beauty of the world she creates.