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Edge – Amir Mousavi

Solo exhibition of Amir Mousavi
Opening at Aaran Gallery on 29th April 2016

The preoccupation of Amir Mousavi with all that is ordinary is boundless. The outside limits of a seemingly simple wall, or a complicated bridge, are the firm elements and the interplay of light and time are the variables; all is calculated to show the indescribable. Everything else is eliminated to create a new subjectivity. Lines along the surfaces of a solid facade meet and capture the imagination of the artist whose fascination with walls of cities is evident in his earlier works. By staring at these surfaces the artist offers that which does not stand upon words. Narration is eliminated and the final result transcends the subject matter. Free from any logic or reason Amir Mousavi offers the depth of his own feelings.

For his third solo show at Aaran Gallery, artist has chosen to show two sets of photographs that stand on Edge and are separated with a ten year time gap. Amir Mousavi is a well known film maker and his earlier photographic works are included in many private collections as well as the permanent collection of Los Angeles County Museum.