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EBAHAT – Hamid Hemayatian

Solo show by Hamid Hemayatian

The Ambiguous and Distorted Historical Identity

In his paintings Hamid Hemayatian addresses the distorted linkage of historical narrative, a history that has deep roots in his own appreciation of it. Displaying historical motives seems to be an instrument to tell the story of artist’s personal feelings that he is not able to openly express. History referred to in his paintings with signs and motives, seems to be an excuse to create contradiction to reveal these subdued feelings. A feeling that within the context of distorted historical narrative, creates more ambiguity in artist’s motivation.
The paintings in their candor are vague and it appear as if the artist does not want to demystify this explicitly. The contradictions, predominantly, are a consequent of reactions to personal life of artist; or perhaps it’s a larger glance at social and political currents and that artist by inserting formal historical narrative, conceals his chief intention.