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Doonadoon – Nima Alizadeh

Solo show by Nima Alizadeh

Doonadoon, or “Jameh beh Jameh”, is the circulation of soul from one shell to another one, whether human, animal or vegetal.
The passage of time in these circles chisels its own image on human faces as if the person has lived for centuries. This collection is images of followers of “Dinyari” religion in Iranian Kurdistan, more commonly known as “Yaresan”*.
I had the opportunity to visit the area purposely to observe the festivities that is called “Khavankar”*, during which the inhabitants of villages and cities of the area gather to meet their elder in a village called “Toot Shami”*. By mid day the audience gather, and to music of Tambour, they sing their collective prayers and visit the leader and the elders. Among the more than five hundred people that were present few faces were calling to me. I invited them to be photographed with a black backdrop that I prepared, and they calmly faced my camera for few minutes and stared at the lens.
These images are a cut from a “Doon”, with gazes that are as old as humanity.
Nima Alizadeh

*Yarsanism, The Yarsan or Ahl-e Haqq,”People of Truth”, is a syncretic religion founded by Sultan Sahak in the late 14th century in Western Iran and Iraq. For more info:
*Khavankar is a three day festival in mid Autumn and followers gather to celebrate it mainly in the village of “Toot Shami” in Dalahoo area of province of Kermanshah in Iran.