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Decay, Chapter two: Rend – Hamed Jaberha

Decay, Chapter two: Rend
Hamed Jaberha
Opening at Aaran Gallery on 11th August 2017, on view until 1st September 2017.

Rend, the second chapter in the “Decay” series, is a simultaneous autopsy of history and body, a discontinuous look at the continuous history of exerting violence on the body, a search in events, signs and texts to reveal human’s complicity in vulgarity. It is an exploration alongside time, this wild cruel entity rooted in us; something that was, and is, that thrives on the remains of wars, revolutions, and upheavals.

At a time when victors feast on the suffering of the defeated, memorializing the fallen of history is perhaps a bold gesture. A feast by the chaste and the revolutionary, in burqas and rags, in robes and turbans over the listless human body. But in the end, memory fades away in the mist of time and truth emerges subtly but brightly.