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Capital – Arash Hanaei

Solo show by Arash Hanaei

Arash Hanaei, was born in Tehran in 1978. He prefers to concentrate on documentary photography. His present series continues to simply “Document”, this time A “Capital”. He shows us our own city, albeit noise and pollution and congestion. Colors are eliminated. Except the pale green – grayish color that is associated with many of Islam Republic’s institutions and the red of Iranian Flag at Martyrs Tombs of Tehran. At first glance his work appears to be snap shots of Tehran, but at closer Look his sarcasm becomes apparent. Images of Shopping Malls & Bill Boards advertising Western commodities in opposition to the Revolutionary Murals of Tehran. The sense of isolation is deep. And one wonders whether he has tried to create his own city away from hustle and bustle of every day life? A “Capital” that we all like to love and hate at the same time.

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