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By The Water – Mehran Saber

Solo exhibition of Mehran Saber
Opening at Aaran Gallery on 22nd January 2016

Paintings of Mehran Saber appear to be reactions to an apparently meaningless world, not controlled by humans, and influenced and even menaced by an invisible outside force. Shapes that are stretched, distorted and caught in suspended situations as if they are forced to do repetitive and meaningless actions. In his works, reality is dismissed and even Surrealism is distorted.

Hybrid creatures, often twisted and pressured, push and pull, apparently in a vicious circle and this time around water. Artist portrays the realm of unconsciousness and points to its indecipherable and vast expanse. A world devoid of every day restrains and limitations. Forms appear to be liquefied to transport the viewer to the limits of absurdity, completely out of tune and at the same time believable. The fabulous color palette is wild and exuberant, attracting the viewers at first glance and then challenging them into submission to observe the beauty and harmony of colors, while proving to them that the paintings are truly marvelous as well as wonderfully beautiful.

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