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Blood over Sword – Nahid Tavakoli

Solo show by Nahid Tavakoli

This Damn Twenty-Four Hours isn’t the technique a complex of rules related to comprehension of morphology of objective functions and nature of a medium? I have not made photographs nor painted and certainly have not created images. These series that is titled “Blood Over Sword”, away from the attractions of the effects of everyday, is a reaction to listening and observing and of course parallel to the ordinary life of a non-demanding person in a vague Geography. These are related to the “everyday” in the sense that I have recreated whatever I have seen and heard through the public media, or have realized in my lived experiences – visual or not – and without insisting on sophistication or aesthetics. Whether the results fit within a certain medium does not affect the final outcome. I fear that “hearing through an intermediate“ is what you will see or what you will not hear, meanwhile the ever flowing repulsiveness, at speed of twenty four frames in a second, is made available through thousands of Medias.
Nahid Tavakoli