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Archive of Suspension – Baktash Sarang

Solo show by Baktash Sarang

The Archive of Suspension is a collection of images that mark points of suspension, a set of points that start to develop from the day one is born. Due to constant and chronic presence of death and nothingness, they develop into heavy and unknown spots in our private space, like black holes in a galaxy that swallow everything. Nothing, not even light, can escape from their gravitational fields.
‪Although this private space, now filled with suspension points, ‪dangles between ‪”the Will to Live” together with the injustice and torment that fill the world on the one hand and death and nothingness on the other, but constantly revolts against ‪it’s outer space, builds a‪n‪ enclosure around itself and remains a personal space; a space that ‪defies the systematic definitions of the outer world and thereby acquires a‪ rather unknown form in the process and finally, ‪the only permanency it finds is the very permanency of collapse – the collapse of the worlds around it.

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