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Act I; Reminiscence – Aliyar Rasti

Act I; Reminiscence
Solo exhibition of Aliyar Rasti
Opening at Aaran Gallery on 23rd September 2016

Aliyar Rasti is an image maker. His work surpasses the medium of photography. With his lyrical compositions he soothes the senses of the viewer and invites them to his poetic world. For his second solo exhibition at the gallery, he will be showing his manipulated Polaroid images. By eradicating faces and scratching images in and out of the photographs, he offers his memories of recent years. Through these photographs he finds a way to the past but discovers that he is estranged from those days. A part of the past is deleted and everything is blurred and partially remembered, as memories usually are. Artists bears his rawest emotions and his memories look similar to our own, evidence of a bygone era.

With his considerable skills as a photographer and film maker, and only 28 years of age, Aliyar Rasti is among the most interesting image makers of Iranian art today. His work has been shown in a number of interesting exhibitions and Film & Video Festivals in Iran and outside Iran.