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8.8.88 – Kourosh Ghazimorad

Solo show by Kourosh Ghazimorad

What we can perhaps call the “Modernist” movement in Calligraphy started some 40 years ago as part of the aesthetic evolution in Iran. The Technical skills perfected during centuries of practice by great calligraphers, were combined with modernist expressive notions to create surprisingly harmonious results. Since then the Iranian calligraphers have pushed the traditional limitations of paper and material (ink & tools) and have successfully produced art works using materials as diverse as Tar, Gold leaves, Bleach, and so on. The fluid and Spontaneous shapes created by Kourosh Ghazimorad are yet another wonderful example of this marriage of old and new. The wonderful dance of letters that are minimized to forms, the abstract calligraphy if you like. His work experience as a graphic artist allows for more freedom and movement and vivid colors. At the same time the strength of lines betray years of training as a traditional calligraphist.

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