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Radioactive Library – Kamyar Kafaie

Solo exhibition of Kamyar Kafaie
Opening at Aaran Gallery on 15th April 2016

The chronical quality of elaborate paintings of Kamyar Kafaie covers diverse subjects. Infused with sly humor, they are reflections on our society past and present. By adapting a flamboyant and accessible aesthetic, he criticizes the behaviors of middle class of Iran. Some of the paintings have autobiographical references and some are commentaries on hypocrisies of the society. Characters are developed in his sketch book and are transferred on to canvas and more often than not same characters appear in different paintings. Serious Environmental issues that the country faces are one of the traits in his paintings so are historical and current social events. In his Radioactive Library, every painting is a book that tells its own story. The narrative flow of these intricate scenes is reminiscent of fabulous manuscript paintings of Persian art of book making.

The daily strains of life in Iran and undue pressures from the outside world is easily detectable in our current art scene. Kamyar Kafaie prefers to turn away from the negativity and show other aspects of life in Iran. Like many Iranian artists and poets, he chooses the language of satire to deny darkness. He paints his surroundings and creates his own allegorical and alternative universe where he is allowed to push the boundaries.

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