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Mahmoud Mahroumi – Recent Sculptures and Installations

Solo show by Mahmoud Mahroumi

The itching of body or “what the sculpture Demands from me”
It is seventeen years since as a laborer in a factory producing concrete electrical posts, I was in charge of assembling the metal casts. My main responsibility was to make sure that the casts were properly fastened before the cement was poured. If the bolts and nuts were not properly secured, the mould would flatten or because of pressure the cement would reject the cast.
Since then concerns such as: Inhibition and discipline of materials, tightening liquidity, inner sanctums, destruction and entropy, order and modern splinting, totalitarian thoughts in application of materials, have carved a specific path for me.
Whenever I have tried to escape this hitch or play a different game, I have been caught in a different manner. As if this “entanglement” is a pleasant thing.It’s seventeen years since this itching has turned my body to a gigantic mould, and I am constantly scratching myself.
Mahmoud Mahroumi – 2012

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