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The Sense of Being Human

Solo Exhibition of Sara Tavana

Opening on 3rd September 2021
On view until 17th September 2021

Characters of Sara Tavana are caught in situations where they seem confined in a metafictional whimsy, trapped in a story whose outcome has already been written. Characters circling in their own progressions are menaced by some force they can’t understand.
Artist refuses to accept the complex human condition as it is, in all its labyrinth-like layers. In response, she creates a solution; dismissing reality and fully embracing the absurdity and complexity of the situation. Through this acceptance, the artist liberates herself; there is no tragedy and no easy solutions, but there is relief once you start to laugh. The happiness from the contempt is all the greater.
These crippled hybrids are ‘non-knowers’ and ‘non-can-ers’; nevertheless, they want to be part of the circle of life, to participate in its cycle, to wear clothes and shoes and to partake in the feast, and ultimately to receive approval. For this enthusiastic half-human, half-non-human being, the absurdity of the situation is by itself a situation.
The objective is to create havens where the soul can take refuge from the chaos and ugliness to float in the strength of humanity’s unbounded imagination. The artist handcrafts and paints every single piece in the series, and her meticulous attention to detail and the magnificence of colors, are a denial of the ugliness that we are encircled within our daily lives. The strength of these forms and their balance are evidence of the maturity of an artist who, by staring at darkness, promises relief and strength to persevere.
Nazila Noebashari

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