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The Challenge of Elements

Solo Exhibition of Fatemeh Bahman Siyahmard

Opening at Aaran Projects on 27th September 2019
On view until 21st October 2019

Moving from entirety to a fragment is an essential part of the new works of Fatemeh Bahman Siahmard. The new series is a continuation of the past series, “The Geography of Suspension,” which was exhibited in 2017. It is meant to remind, transfer and offer a re-reading of details of elements of that series. At the same time, references to the next set of works, which along with the two previous collections, will form a trilogy, are hidden in layers of the present works.
Moving from multiple elements to a few or a single one is an effort by the artist to magnify suspended elements and reference the influence and effect of these elements on their surroundings and their own. Elements that were palpable and important in previous works and presently only traces of their shadows, reflections, or just spots can be seen.
The continued chaos – part of our daily life – next to complexity and state of suspension, in conjunction with the forced injection of order and stability, are among the characteristics of the present collection. Playing within the border lines of three-dimensional statues and flat surfaces of paintings was consciously undertaken by the artist to move the viewer – even for a fraction of a second to a suspended state and to create confusion between surface and three-dimensionality. A fluid passage between two and three dimensions started was completed simultaneously and is affiliated with each other. Ultimately while the works spatially take up the space but are paintings made on the surface.
Here we face another kind of suspension; the challenge of elements that twist, turn, and blend are accentuated and move through time and space to reach equilibrium and display part of life’s challenges and splendor.

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