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Solo exhibition of Manijeh and Parisa Hejazi

Opening on 20th October 2023
On view until 3rd November 2023

The series was titled Odyssey, adhering to our long and adventurous journey filled with layers of stories that appear on scroll like canvases and is meant to be reflections on events, by making them accessible and to also show the depth and simultaneity of events.
The never-before lived experience of the past year has been a confrontation of negative and positive aspects of our existence. A Fever that became delirious and allowed for many of our personal characteristics to emerge. We broke the habits and our usual way of life and faced existential fears, and overcoming these fears was one of the most important parts of dealing with the new situation.
Our Odyssey is a story of endeavors, violence and hardship, but it also is a story of perseverance and hope. Recovering Human Dignity even at the cost of traveling to the end of the world.
Hejazi Sisters

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