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Inhabited Deserts

Solo exhibition of John R.Pepper

Opening on 14th September 2018
Continued to 1st October

John R.Pepper has explored Kavir E Lut, with an eye not to capture but to create imagery that is an entry to the soul of this colossal desert. Land formations, ridges and sand dunes that are majestic and unyielding, and stand firm in defiance of time. The play of lines and shadows in these enticing black and white photographs, all captured with analogue camera, betray the effect that this vast landscape has had on the artist; a certain kind of purity, a transient seeing experience, all within a thousand plateaus of the visible.
John R. Pepper (Rome, 1958) is an Italian photographer. He has studied History of Art at Princeton University, where he was also one of the original painting members of the ‘185 Nassau Street Painting Program’ and was awarded the Whitney Painting Fellowship in 1975. In 1981 Pepper was admitted as a ‘Directing Fellow’ to The American Film Institute. He developed under the auspices of Henri Cartier Bresson, Sam Show, John Ross and David Seymour, who spent time with his family. At only fourteen years of age he became assistant to Ugo Mulas, who taught him the basics of Street Photography. For thirty years, he dedicated himself to photography while directing both theatre and film.
Currently, Pepper has completed his next photographic project (and book to be published in 2019) ‘Inhabited Deserts’, where he explores deserts and their effect on time, history and people. Pepper works with a Leica M6, 35mm lens and uses Ilford HP4 film. He works exclusively in B&W with gelatin silver prints on Baryta paper

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