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Beyond Blue – Sasan Abri

In his new series Sasan Abri utilizes color to express emotions. A choice to communicate basic human feelings that are portrayed and not explained. He delves in to the world of nature and picks one color. Like all monochrome works of art, this collection floats in the realm of emotions, where differentiation is impossible; a world of fullness and void where time is obliterated, and purity of color invites the viewers to contemplate and take one moment away from the hectic world and to stare at essence of being.
For catalogue of exhibition artist writes:
I have always looked for a haven in nature. Nature that is glorious and unpredictable and has thousands of colors. In this mass of colors, a certain color appeared in the depth of my psyche and my vision and it was transferred to the sensitive surface of film. A color that was protruding from inner depths to the exterior: Blue. And not the familiar blue, but a radiant blue which was streaming from the depths of my being and it should be called “The Ultra Blue”.
This blue is a plenary color. A finely formed color that has slowly walked in to the camera. After mixing with other colors, it slowly emerged from the depth of life and gradually and after mixing with a wide spectrum of different lights and shades, it finally settled on paper.
Patterns merged with visages and made the blue portraits. The ultra blue for me is the embodiment of the infinite simplicity of life and its meaning. A meaning that is Anthropomorphic and a beacon of hope which radiates from every living being and it is dynamic and if you look deep enough it is constant and repetitious.
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